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Animal Feeds

Animal Feeds

Mr Modest Mushi is one of EFTA’s oldest customers. He first worked with EFTA in 2005 when he bought an incubator to grow his chicken business. As his demand went up, he started to notice that the chicken feed he was buying wasn’t allowing his chickens to grow as quickly as possible. He started experimenting with his own recipes and soon had friends and fellow farmers knocking on the door to get some for themselves.

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Struggling to cope with this demand, he therefore came back to EFTA in 2008 to buy a chicken feed making machine. This quickly became the focus of his business. EFTA’s collateral free finance allowed him to focus on expanding the business in other ways. He has been so successful that he is now the biggest supplier of chicken feed in Northern Tanzania.

When asked why he chose EFTA, Mr Mushi replied that EFTA is the only financial institution to supply loans without collateral, something he would have struggled to provide. He added that EFTA staff are always ready to help solve a variety of problems which he faced and this in turn improved his loan repayment.

Mr Mushi now employs a total of 14 employees. He is planning to use another, larger equipment lease from EFTA that will enable him to produce pellets, a higher value product in the chicken feed market with currently only one competitor in the market.

“EFTA has made me who am today, EFTA cares and makes entrepreneurs dreams become true.” says Mr Mushi

Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning Services

Mr. Freddy Mboye owns a fast-growing dry cleaning business in Arusha. In 1997, as a government employee, Mr. Mboye started a business to supplement his salary, a common practice in Tanzania, opening a retail shop near his home. Encouraged by his success, Mr. Mboye went on to set up Supa-Clean Laundry Services in 2003, offering laundry services targeted at the local tourist industry including hotels and travel companies. Supa-Clean’s marketing emphasis was on fast service, advertising a 24 hour turn-around time, and the business grew fast.

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As the business developed, they received constant requests for dry cleaning. They began delivering clothes to the two in-town dry cleaners in order to maintain their level of customer service, but local capacity was low and this was not a long-term solution. Mr. Mboye’s initial investment had been supported by local banks, but the capital expenditure required for a dry cleaning machine was high. Despite Mr. Mboye’s strong repayment record, the banks insisted on prohibitive levels of collateral which he could not meet.

EFA invested at the beginning of 2007 in a high quality dry cleaning machine. He completed repayments in July 2010, by when he had hired an additional eight full-time employees to accommodate demand. The business growth has allowed them to open a second location, maintaining the original location as a drop-off and collection point.

EFTA then invested a further $30,000 in 2013 allowing Mr Mboye to continue his growth. He now employs a total of 16 employees, 10 of whom work full-time.

When asked why he chose EFTA, Mr Mboye said he would not have been able to meet the collateral conditions of other financial institutions since he does not have a house which he could mortgage. Yet, as he says, “With EFTA I am now growing bigger and bigger than ever with more advanced technology, enabling to produce much more than before”.

Tomato Growing

Tomato Growing

Prior to approaching EFTA, Mr. Ryoba had been cultivating sweet peppers and tomatoes for two years using drip irrigation in open fields. He was keen to increase the quality and volume of his yields through greenhouse farming, since he was struggling to match the demand of his biggest buyer, the international supermarket Shoprite.

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In 2013, Mr Ryoba approached EFTA for equipment finance through our preferred supplier, Irrico International. Mr Ryoba obtained agricultural extension services from his inputs supplier, Rijk Zwaan Afrisem, who were able to provide the necessary coaching and monitoring on the technical aspects of greenhouse agriculture: spacing and hanging of plants, frequency of irrigation, crop rotation, fertilizer application and disease prevention.

As a result of the investment, Mr Ryoba has been able to produce high-quality sweet peppers and tomatoes for the high-end market (e.g., local restaurants and hotels) in the Arusha area. He now has excess volumes which are sold through local agents, who then distribute to the local markets at an attractive price, particularly in the off season when produce yields for non-greenhouse growers are low.

Mr Ryoba now employs three members of staff to help with his business. Based on the current success of his horticulture business, Mr Ryoba is planning to approach EFTA for a second loan to expand his greenhouse production. He approached in the first place EFTA as he didn’t feel that other financial institutions support small and medium famers. Mr Ryoba says: “EFTA has changed my business and my life as well”.

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