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Tanzania Breweries

Innovative repayment mechanisms to support farmers – Tanzania Breweries Off-Taking Arrangements

During 2013, EFTA entered an off-taking agreement with Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), a subsidiary of SAB Miller, to finance equipment for five pilot farmers, with repayments to be made directly by TBL from the annual barley proceeds. This marked an extremely innovative initiative for two reasons.

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By offering an off-take deal to farmers, they were able to buy tractors and associated equipment alongside seeds, fertiliser and the provision of technical advice which they could not have afforded from their own savings. This was underpinned by TBL paying for the inputs up front and EFTA paying for the equipment. The farmers were then free to farm for six months until harvest without the constraint of debt looming over their heads. Once the harvests were gathered, TBL compensated the input providers, including EFTA. Several of the farmers registered record yields, demonstrating the success of the initiative.

Secondly, in a country habituated to development partner led activities, this was a rare example of private sector actors coming together because of the potential benefits involved. With TBL seeking to source as much local barley as possible, the record yields were a boon. Syngenta were happy to provide seeds and technical advice, Yara to provide fertiliser and John Deere equipment, all at affordable prices, since this offered an opportunity to showcase the benefits of their product in an expanding economy. And lastly EFTA were happy to participate for two reasons: the offtake opportunity offered a chance for farmers who would usually struggle with EFTA’s monthly repayment schedule to access the equipment they needed to increase their harvests; and the initiative also complied with EFTA’s ambitions to provide finance opportunities to Tanzania’s rural and agricultural communities, helping to provide jobs in the local community and modernise the country’s agricultural sector.


Encouraging qualified youth to grow their businesses – Ms Mengor’iki

Ms. Anna Mengor’iki, previously a director of a travel company and a graduate from a Kenyan university, saw an opportunity to go into business with the rest of her family, providing clinical facilities to Arusha’s growing population.

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The lack of high quality public healthcare and high demand for quick access to medical services means that clinics like Ms Mengor’iki’s are doing very well in Tanzania. Since starting her investment with EFTA a year ago, Ms Mengor’iki has made all her monthly payments on time. She has experienced strong demand and has had to move sites to accommodate her clinic’s popularity.

At 29 and as a woman, Ms Mengor’iki offers a good example of what EFTA can support this demographic to achieve. Although a start-up, Ms Mengor’iki’s obvious business acumen along with the potential which is evident in the growing private healthcare sector mean that EFTA was happy to invest and her to our growing cohort of young and female investees.

female entrepreneurs

Helping female entrepreneurs establish themselves in the market – Ms Hooda

Ms Hooda took delivery of her first equipment from EFTA at the end of 2015. Having been involved in the construction industry for many years, Ms Hooda saw an opportunity to manufacture and sell quality bricks to support construction in the fast-growing city of Mwanza.

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Such has been her success that she has already applied for a second brick making machine from EFTA in order to be able to keep up with demand.

When asked how she has found starting her own business in Tanzania as a woman, she said that she feels happy doing business in Tanzania, and that many of her customers have been impressed at the business she is doing as it is believed that men are the only who can have success. It has even made business easy as customers are happy to witness a woman running her own bricks business.

Asked if she had any advice for women, she said that they need to always believe that they can be successful, when she approached EFTA she had confidence that she would win business even though it was a start up and that had to just keep believing and trying.

Ms Hooda says that her life changed a lot since she discovered EFTA. EFTA is an organization that will service anyone who has honest ambitions, they support on how to get the finance as well as providing training on different aspects like health and safety and marketing, She encourages anyone who needs an equipment loan to use EFTA as they will enjoy the service.

SMEs in developing countries

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