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We offer loans for equipment only, starting from Tshs 20 million. On a select basis, we can offer larger leases for agricultural loans for agri-businesses or farmers with established track records. We have four standard products:

  • Standard
  • Mobile
  • Repeat
  • Import
  • EFTA Healthcare
  • Supplier Backed

EFTA’s Standard product includes a 10% to 30%advanced payment, with a 36-month repayment term starting sixty days after delivery.

EFTA’s Mobile product is for all moveable equipment. It requires a 20% advanced payment, with a 36-month repayment starting sixty days after delivery.

EFTA’s Repeat product is for customers who have previously completed a loan with EFTA before. Similar to the Standard product, the Repeat product requires a 10% advanced payment, with a 36-month repayment term starting sixty days after delivery. Repeat borrowers with impressive borrowing records may be offered follow on financing at preferable terms to our standard product.

For customers seeking to import equipment from either India, Kenya or China, EFTA seeks a 20% advanced payment on the equipment which goes towards the expenses EFTA incurs in vetting the supplier and ensuring that the equipment is in good condition prior to shipment. EFTA will only import from a supplier based outside of Africa for equipment worth Tsh 60 million or higher.

For customers enrolled in or seeking to enroll in Safecare, EFTA can provide equipment finance at rates which are lower than its standard product. The product also covers equipment maintenance costs over the three years of the loan.

EFTA can offer special terms through its preferred suppliers. Currently EFTA can offer a lower interest rate for customers who partner with John Deere, and includes one year's tractor servicing for free.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for EFTA’s equipment loans, you must:

  • Be located where  EFTA has an office;
  • Be well experienced in all elements of the business sector that you require equipment for;
  • Be fully dedicated to this business; and
  • We cannot consider businesses that produce spirits or tobacco, or that are primarily engaged in transport.

We can consider start-ups provided that you can show a track record running a successful business, sufficient experience in the sector you have chosen, and a pipeline of customers ready to buy your product

It is not essential to have an incorporated company, to have audited accounts or a banking history. However, we will need to look at your order books and we may need to speak to some of your customers or take other similar steps in order to establish your current business volumes. What happens once my application is approved?

What happens once my application is approved?

If you are approved for a loan, before your loan can proceed you will need to have all necessary licenses in place, or where the license issuance is dependent on the machine being present, in principle clearance from the relevant authorities. You will also need to have all necessary utilities (electricity of the correct phase, and water) connected.

How long will it usually take for my loan to be approved?

After you enquire to EFTA, you will be called and asked some simple questions. If it sounds like EFTA can support you with financing, you will be invited to seminar and provided with an application form. After you submit your application, a site visit will be conducted. Thereafter the investment team will submit your appraisal for approval. This whole process can take under a month if you are able to gather all the information we need quickly.

When will I own the equipment?

You will own the equipment after the completion of your three year lease term. This is why it is important for you to choose equipment with a long life span, so that you can profit from its operation well after the lease has finished.

What is EFTA’s involvement during the life of the loan

EFTA will make monitoring visits every three months should payment be made on time. If you are struggling with repayments, EFTA will engage with you more frequently, whether it be to provide advice if business is slow to chasing payments should there be no reason forthcoming for late payment.

Is any training available?

EFTA currently provides health and safety training modules, as well as training on management for human resources. EFTA will soon be launching a new training module to further assist its customers.

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EFTA Whistleblower hotline

Thank you for contacting the EFTA Whistleblower hotline. The purpose of this hotline is to allow EFTA’s customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to share any observations regarding actions that you may feel or inappropriate or illegal, as well as any other actions that do not align with EFTA’s Code of Conduct. The information in the form below will be sent to an independent individual within the organization who will deal with the request swiftly and professionally.

Note that all concerns will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal your identity, if that is your wish. If disciplinary or other proceedings follow the investigation, it may not be possible to take action as a result of your disclosure without your help, so you may be asked to come forward as a witness. If you agree to this, you will be offered advice and support.



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