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Zero Collatoral

Zero collateral

Unlike many other banks in Tanzania, EFTA does not require you to put down any collateral. Other banks will ask you for assets such as property or vehicles as a security against their loan.

This is because EFTA offers you lease financing meaning the equipment can act as EFTA’s security. The benefits are that you still have collateral left over for a further working capital loan to grow your business.

It also means that you do not have to waste time and energy obtaining land rights documentation which can often be a lengthy and difficult process.

Long Repayment Term

Long repayment term

At EFTA, we understand that working capital can be tight at the start of an investment. As our customer, you are granted a two month grace period when you receive your equipment to establish your operations and receive payments from customers. Only after sixty days will EFTA then seek its first payment.

Beyond this, a 36 month repayment period means that repayments are broken into small, manageable sizes which allow your business to expand. With many banks, you will have had to repay the bank before the investment has even started to make profit. With EFTA, you will have the best chance to make a success of your investment.

Competitive Interest Rates

Competitive Interest Rates

EFTA’s standard product interest rates are comparable to other banks. However if you factor in the fact that you do not have to pay anything until activation of their lease, this results in EFTA’s product offering even better value for money.

With most banks, you start repaying your loan the day you walk out of the bank.

No need for audited accounts and business plans

No need for audited accounts and business plans

At EFTA, we realise that preparing audited accounts and business plans can be costly and time-consuming for an entrepreneur.

However it is also imperative that we understand the mechanics of your business. This is why, during the application phase, EFTA will need to analyse your business’s cash flows and profitability.
Usually, this requires a detailed review of your sales records, as well as an onsite visit where we review your premises, meet with your customers and employees. While audited accounts are welcome, we seek other ways to get to know your business.


Unlike some banks, EFTA has no hidden fees such as costly application fees or processing fees. With EFTA, it is free to apply and you will not need to make any payments until you receive a letter informing you of your approval.

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EFTA Whistleblower hotline

Thank you for contacting the EFTA Whistleblower hotline. The purpose of this hotline is to allow EFTA’s customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to share any observations regarding actions that you may feel or inappropriate or illegal, as well as any other actions that do not align with EFTA’s Code of Conduct. The information in the form below will be sent to an independent individual within the organization who will deal with the request swiftly and professionally.

Note that all concerns will be treated in confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal your identity, if that is your wish. If disciplinary or other proceedings follow the investigation, it may not be possible to take action as a result of your disclosure without your help, so you may be asked to come forward as a witness. If you agree to this, you will be offered advice and support.



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